Burkina Faso – a country known for it’s artistic traditions has produced these beautiful bronze female sculptures for many years – using the traditional lost wax method which craftspeople have used for centuries all over the World.

Issouf Bonkoungo has built up a successful business and trained now 20 other artists to be able to make these beautiful sculptures Generally made on a dirt floor a wax replica is placed in a mould near to the furnace which is regularly pumped to build up the intensity of the heat, This makes the metals being used to make bronze , molten bronze is poured into the mould causing the wax to melt and leaving the bronze forming a perfect sculpture. Patination then begins to produce the wonderful green and bronze shades of our COLLECTION. No two sculptures are ever exactly the same – this is truly a hand crafted product. It is also possible to obtain painted versions in blue and red and figures as tall as 85cm!

We are delighted to be working with Issouf, his workers are well looked after and each has a voice in the future of the company – the craftspeople are also paid for every piece they make on a daily basis which enables them to build homes and ensure their children are kept at school.
Faouzia Medium Standing
NEW Faouzia Medium Standing
Natacha Very Tall
NEW Natacha Very Tall
Camel and Rider
NEW Camel and Rider
Eveline Medium Standing
NEW Eveline Medium Standing
Mordina Tall Standing
NEW Mordina Tall Standing
Yanci Tall Standing
NEW Yanci Tall Standing
Elodie Tall Standing
NEW Elodie Tall Standing
Ardeche small seated
NEW Ardeche small seated
Haoua Medium Standing
NEW Haoua Medium Standing
Yahaira Seated
NEW Yahaira Seated
Adeline Seated
NEW Adeline Seated
Assana Seated
NEW Assana Seated

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