Bryan Collins

Bryan trained at Wolverhampton University, has worked in television and also as a lecturer in art. Now a full time teacher and sculptor in his spare time his work is varied and his series of lovers for us are amongst our most popular sculpture. His skill is wide however and his range has included a highly sought after figure of Elvis Presley, sadly now not avaialbale.

Paul Jenkins

Paul was trained at Dudley College of Art and much of his figurative work is depicted here He is known for his skill creating Cat and Hare sculpture that we offer exclusively - Cats may be seen in our Cats section, Hares in the Frith Hares and Frith Premier collection. Howver he has also sculpted Otters, Nudes, Pigs and much more for Frith which you will find looking through our site.

Juliet Collins

Juliet works from her studios on the Isle of Wight. After visiting Africa she now specialises in African wild life which she produces with considerable skill. Generally she produces original work in fired clay but we have been fortunate to be able to offer the Elephants featured in the Natural World Section.

Thomas Meadows

Thomas, who works out of his Dorset studio, is both a painter and sculptor. He is well known for his animals and has created Hares, Stags, Chickens, Ducks for us as well as far more. He is known for his versatility and the ability to sculpt any subject.

Harriet Dunn

Harriet is entirely self taught and uses her love of the natural world to create bird and animal sculptures. her very clever Frith Dog sculptures which we show capture all the doggy mannerisms that we love.

Veronica Ballan

Veronica from the North East of england has created in clay for many years her well known 'wooly' animals. Now she has allowed us to reproduce the Farmyard range in our cold cast bronze finish which looks tremedous. See the collections under Farmyard animals.

Lluis Jorda

Lluis Jorda after many years travelling the World learning his trade has now settled back in his home town of Barcelona. He is still sculpting his distinctive female figures and dancers which his son makes in the finest cold cat bronze.

Adrian Tinsley

Adrian is a skilled ceramicist and has a successful business in The Potteries producing tableware. He has sculpted especially for us our contemporary collection - Metropolitan.

Burkina Bronzes

Produced by artisans in Burkina Faso these stunning traditional hand made sculptures are mage in the lost wax method which has been used for centuries.

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