MINIMA Miniatures
A wonderful range of miniature sculptures, based on the larger works.
Cilla Cat Sitting
NEW Cilla Cat Sitting
Miniature Alpaca standing
NEW Miniature Alpaca standing
Miniature Alpaca sitting
NEW Miniature Alpaca sitting
Mischief Cockapoo Playing
NEW Mischief Cockapoo Playing
Pickwick Cockapoo Lying
NEW Pickwick Cockapoo Lying
Sooty Cat Lying
NEW Sooty Cat Lying
Sleepy Dormouse
NEW Sleepy Dormouse
Eddie Happy Terrier
Eddie Happy Terrier
Tibbles Cat Stretching
NEW Tibbles Cat Stretching
Arthur Pug
Arthur Pug
Bella Cockapoo Begging
NEW Bella Cockapoo Begging
Jaz Hare sitting
NEW Jaz Hare sitting

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