Creative Bronze
Creative Bronze is manufactured under licence using the centuries old lost wax method of creating bronze sculptures. It is of the highest purity and quality - the original sculptures have all been created by hand by British sculptors and are supplied in a stylish gift box.
Hare Alert
NEW Hare Alert
Labradoodle Sitting
NEW Labradoodle Sitting
Hare Watchful
NEW Hare Watchful
Hare Sitting Upright
NEW Hare Sitting Upright
Cockapoo Lying
NEW Cockapoo Lying
Cockapoo Playing
NEW Cockapoo Playing
NEW Mouse
Walking Hedgehog
NEW Walking Hedgehog
Curled Up Hedgehog
NEW Curled Up Hedgehog
Highland Cow Looking Down
NEW Highland Cow Looking Down
Highland Cow Looking Up
NEW Highland Cow Looking Up

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