Farm Animals
Just some of the animals found on British farms - see also our special page on Highland Cattle. The sheep in our collection are based on the Scottish Blackface and Swaledale breeds.
Highland Cow with Calf feeding
Highland Cow with Calf feeding
Donkey Foal - standing
NEW Donkey Foal - standing
Twin Lambs - medium
NEW Twin Lambs - medium
Smudge - Horse looking round
NEW Smudge - Horse looking round
Friendly Donkeys standing together
NEW Friendly Donkeys standing together
Freckles - Horse Grazing
NEW Freckles - Horse Grazing
Scottish Blacface Ewe
NEW Scottish Blacface Ewe
Scottish Blackface Ram
NEW Scottish Blackface Ram
Rosie - Jersey Cow sitting
NEW Rosie - Jersey Cow sitting
Daisy - Dairy cow standing
NEW Daisy - Dairy cow standing
Poppy - Dairy cow grazing
NEW Poppy - Dairy cow grazing
Frith Dairy Herd
NEW Frith Dairy Herd

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