Frith Pups
We are developing our new collection of Pups, mainly sculpted by Harriet Dunn. The first quirky yet appealing models were only produced in 2003, with Paul Jenkins adding some of his sculpture in 2004, so watch this page for new designs!
Koko - Labradoodle lying
NEW Koko - Labradoodle lying
Shorty Labradoodle sitting
NEW Shorty Labradoodle sitting
Binkie - small Dachshund
NEW Binkie  - small Dachshund
Murphy - Terrier ready to play
NEW Murphy - Terrier ready to play
Frankie - large sitting Cockapoo
NEW Frankie - large sitting Cockapoo
Sheba - Spaniel sitting
NEW Sheba - Spaniel sitting
Bunty - Spaniel sitting
NEW Bunty - Spaniel sitting
Dilly - Spaniel watching
NEW Dilly - Spaniel watching
Meghan - Labrador lying
NEW Meghan - Labrador lying
Meghan and Harry
NEW Meghan and Harry
Harry - Labrador sitting
NEW Harry - Labrador sitting

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